It's all change here at JAH Web Development. I have now merged with the highly-creative Torch Design to form Lumous – a brand new web and graphic design agency offering a full range of design, web, print and digital marketing services. For more information and to see some recent examples of our work, please visit our new website,

Pricing Information

It seems many people are completely unaware of the true cost behind building a professional website. Some even expect the most basic of sites to run up a bill for thousands of pounds.

Of course, the exact cost of creating a website is dependent upon a long list of variables. The examples I've given below are merely a guide to give you some kind of indication of what to expect. These prices include a basic hosting package (for 1 year), a domain (for 2 years), my web design & development services, and the installation of visitor statistics for the website.

My pricing structure is very simple - I charge £30 per hour of my time on top of any expenses (such as web hosting and domain registration). For a free consultation and a personal estimate of cost for your own website or project, please get in touch.

£500 - £1,000

These are typically 'brochure style' websites with a minimal amount of content and just a couple of dynamic features (such as an image gallery and a contact form).

Le Petit Bourg website Nail Frenzy website HHC Architectural Services website

£1,000 - £3,000+

These examples typically have a larger amount of content, and more advanced features that often require some extensive 'behind-the-scenes' programming.

OMG Mee website Mark One Media website Mind Your Own Business website